Social Housing Repairs & Maintenance

Last Thursday brought the news that the Lovell group had secured a contract with Teign Housing in South Devon to carry out maintenance and repair work to the 3,600 social houses in its portfolio. This is a significant boost to an already successful company that is currently responsible for the maintenance of 200,000 properties across the UK as well as a house sale business.

It seems that the method the group took to securing this contract over their competitors was to create a series of carrots designed to entice the specific prospective market. Lovell focused on promoting opportunities that would become available for those facing the most deprived of conditions, addressing concerns that have received significant media and governmental attention as of late.

Unemployment is at a long running high thanks to the deleterious effects of the recession, with youth and long-term unemployment particularly damaging. If today’s young people fail to find a grasp in the labour market, it could create long reaching effects by failing to provide the foundations and skills necessary for a rewarding career; of any type. The results of this would be a decrease in innovation and growth at best and an increase in non-productive members of society at worst. Of course, both will occur, but the balance can be manipulated by positive programs that target current youth failings.

Long term unemployment creates a career gap that suggests to employers that the prospective employee either has a poor work ethic, an unsavoury secret such as jail time or drug use, or has been passed up by previous employers for good reason. These implications only further send the unfortunate would-be-worker further along a downward spiral with the effects reflected on society as a whole.

Thus Lovell’s approach at targeting perhaps the most important current social issue today in a manifold of approaches; promising apprenticeships for the young and work for the long-term unemployed, creates a significant carrot that Teign Housing for one, clearly found impossible to resist.

BPM Maintenance has some similar long-running contracts providing a bevy of maintenance services, covering all areas, to a commercial client. These opportunities prove to be one of the advantages of focusing on a range of services rather than specialising in electrical or carpentry as many companies are prone to.